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Dynamic Training Services > Stress & Resiliency

The Emergency Support Network offers customised interventions, wellness seminars, and training services for on-site delivery, on line programs, and a calendar of events.  All programs incorporated the latest techniques in positive psychology to promote interaction, fun and the application of learning back into the workplace.  Enquire now about our current training workshops in:

In busy workplaces, many people experience stress.  Often perceived as a negative, stress is actually a positive.  It really is good for you!  Understand how stress works and the impact upon your body.  See how it potentially can create serious health problems for you. Understand why this is a huge risk area for organisations, not just in creating future workers compensation and liability issues. Find out the secrets to making stress work for you.  This workshop will show you how to harness the benefits of stress and make it a positive aspect of your life through simple, practical strategies.